Measuring Guidelines to Determined Your Size

  • Measure where the top of a wide belt would sit—generally about 1-2 inches/2.5-5 cm below the navel, or 1 inch/2.5 cm below your actual waist depending on where you like to wear your belts.
  • Measure with your tummy relaxed so the tape does not bite into your skin—you want to feel and look relaxed and comfortable when you wear these cool belts.
  • For custom belts, take two measurements: where you want the top of the belt to sit and the other three inches below.



Size Info

Here are our size ranges.

S       29-32 Inches  73-81 cm

M      32-36 inches   91-91 cm

ML    33-36inchec    84-92 cm

L      36-40 inches   91-102 cm

XL    40-45 inches   102 - 114 cm

XXL  45 - 50 inches  114-127cm




Shipping charges subject to changes in currency exchange rate.  Bags are shipped Swiss Post from Switzerland unless you specify otherwise by phone. To calculate your shipping cost please use the following approximate guidelines: Prices are in Swiss Franks.

Chf  0 - 199.99  

Shipping -  Local -  12.00,  international  25.00

Chf 200.- 399.99  

Shipping - Local  - 18.00,  international  35.00

Chf 400.00 - 699.00

Shipping - Local -  25.00,  international  45.00

Over  Chf 700 -

Local -  free,  international  -  depends on weight and volume.



  • Paypal
  • interbank transfers
  • Paying in Euros or Dollars? Great! Contact me with questions.
  • CHICK HERE for exchange rates


Return Policy

Returns for a full refund are accepted up to 10 days following receipt of your item, provided it is in its original condition.


Wholesale Orders

Please contact us regarding wholesale orders. Minimums vary depending on style.


How to Contact Hark Designs


Phone: +41 71 393 10 00

Cell:     + 41 79 482 11 32


Postal Address:

Hark Designs
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