Chinese Nuns taught me to make my own underwear when I was 10. Two years later, while learning to sew with a machine, I landed in the emergency room with a straight pin down my windpipe. Nevertheless, I caught the bug. I learned to work with leather in the early 80´s while studying mime in Manhattan. I became enamored by this renewable, natural material that exhibits strength, flexibility and durability. I loved the tools of the trade: hammers, presses, glue and heavy sewing machines.

My career path includes 20 years in movement theater, where, besides creating and producing theater, I designed all the costumes and props. When I turned 50, I returned to my early passion and launched Hark Designs.!

Every time I create a new design, style is definitely at the heart of my intention. The pragmatist in me, however, refuses to set a new item on the shelf without equal consideration to function, durability, and attention to details. When it comes to colors, I just might immerse myself in frivolity! Every design has had multiple incarnations before I settle on the final product. My kinetic instincts inform my desire to create designs that feel good and conform to the human body.  I have never carried a bag I did not make. I now get to share my bags with the world.

All my delights are HANDMADE IN SWITZERLAND by yours truly!  From my hands to your heart.